Your feet can indicate many diseases

Experts say not to ignore their feet because they can identify many diseases, which may include cure diseases.

There are 33 pairs in one toe, close to 100, muscles and infants are blood and veins of blood that are associated with heart, brain, stomach, and spinal cord. According to experts, the condition of the leg can indicate the following conditions, but not necessarily the feet of the feet should show 100% of the same disease which is described here. It is better to approach a good doctor in that case.

Antioxidants and disorders in the toe:

Due to discomfort and stress in the body, there may be a lack of water in the body. It seems that oxygen is not reaching either foot. In the same way, pain in the legs also shows some medicinal side effects. It is a solution that the water is more thirsty, worn a comfortable shoe and regular exercise should be improved during the period. If there is a problem in the bone, it is a sign of the abuse of urine acid, a solution to which a doctor is to show and caution is that red meat should be abandoned.

Exclusive cooling feet:

If the feet remain continuous cold, they point to many conditions that show diabetes, blood loss, and during blood circulation.

Swelling in the feet:

If inflammation is swollen in the feet, it indicates many serious diseases. Blood loss, weak heart, liver and kidney diseases can also be swollen on the feet. Apart from this, the DVT or big vein may cause bleeding or bleeding during the blood. Exercise during treatment, try to reduce the use of salt and reduce weight.
Foot-shaped nails:
In this disease, the nails of the feet are like spirits, and they may be symptoms of the dietary deficit, lack of foliage or internal diarrhea. Also, toe shape of a toe shows the genetic illness and blood deficiency.

Thumb yellow nails:

Nail polishing can be yellow nails generally. But it may also be a sign of other diseases. Nails can also trigger due to the complication of liver disorder, TB, and thai-rude glands.

Sweat the feet in the feet:

Feel syrup and sweets in the feet, so they show the disorder in the nervous system. Nervous diabetes is affected and diarrhea feeds.

Breasts and discomfort in the feet of the feet:

If there is trouble and permanent intake in a pair of feet toes, it indicates arthritis. The lining of the arthritis swounces and the tissues are affected. It is important that the patient should be bowled, beaten up and snowed, but it is possible only with the advice of the doctors.

James Welch

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