Power saving non-systematic system

Egyptian engineer has set up an unconventional way of reducing electricity savings in the buildings that can easily relieve the whole world.
The Egyptian expert, Tariq Shauban, who lives in France, has successfully tested his four-storey house, a safe and easy way. The Benha Group, a company affiliated with the Egyptian military production, is now undergoing this approach completely. Tariq has also got the patent (right ownership) of a safe electronics system for buildings, in April 2017, the inventory has been awarded a gold medal in Switzerland.
Tariq Shauban says that this system also protects the body as well as burning voltage and burnt, even if the electric wire stir in water or sticks directly to its wires, it does not harm the body. He said that this system will convert 220 volts to 14 volts and there will be no difference in the light.

The system depends on the electromagnetic circuit at the lowest level, depending on the lightning resistance, but it does not make any difference to the light.
If the voltage decreases, no wires or flames if any wires touch them. When the system was tested at a four-minute home, 100% of its results were exported, which could prove to be a great invention for the power consumed countries.
In the Arab region, only 6 percent increase in annual consumption of electricity from 2010 to 2030 is forecast. It’s just useful for lights when the system is being developed for air-conditioned and water heaters too.

Richard Morris

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