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Ralph Christenson

Ralph Christenson has over 14 years experience in NEWS reporting the Wall Street Market giving him a vast understanding of how news affects the markets. He has a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Westminster University. Ralph is exceptionally qualified Senior Business Writer with more years experience of showed involvement in marketable strategies and awards. He has worked and developed content for countless clients around the world – from startups to large corporations.

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Address: 3169 Saint Clair Street, MIAMI, Florida

Phone: 662-615-0816

Email:  Ralph@usstockjournal.com


James Welch

James Welch is the author of Technology Section of the site. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Multimedia from DePaul University and some diploma in technology from the University of Notre Dame. James has composed many articles on a technology for sites and print productions.

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Address: 4221 Camden Street, Sparks, Nevada

Phone: 775-355-2850

Email:  James@usstockjournal.com


Steven Freitas

Steven Freitas writes News reports for Healthcare Section of the website. He is an undergraduate student from the University of Toronto. He spends a lot of time on stock report writing, reading other people’s articles and learning about Wall- Street Healthcare companies. Over five years of counseling work in these territories of skill, consolidated with a special foundation that helps him to in exceed expectations in a more extensive scope of regions.

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Address: 4223 Marion Street, Barre, Vermont

Phone: 802-883-2730

Email:  Steven@usstockjournal.com


Charles Elmore

Charles Elmore is passionate about Financial News reporting with over 5 years in the industry starting as a writer working his way up into senior positions. Charles is an editor and reporter of Financial news. Having over eight years of experience with words, Charles can create awesome eBooks and articles plus, he is pretty sure that his writing will go above and beyond your expectations. He is a fan of Australian cricket team. Jim is very active on social media and loves interacting with others.

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Address: 3179 Felosa Drive, Abilene, Texas

Phone: 325-233-9329

Email:  Charles@usstockjournal.com