In future will not require sexual mixing

Hank Gray, a professor of the United States University of Stanford, claimed that in future humans will not have to have sexual mixing for children because by now the new scientific method of birth of birth will have come.

According to a report published in the leading American website quotes, Professor Hank Gillie says that his claim can be false to the present, but during the next 20 to 30 years it will be a real fact. Hank Gray, head of the Stanford Law School’s Center for Law and Biochemistry, believes that a few decades later, the birth process of most children in the US will begin with the selection of numerous genres (ambero) produced by the parent’s DNA in Labs.

According to Gray, this method is still available today, but at present it is used only to prevent infections from being infected and restricted for gender determination, but in the coming days, this method will become easier and cheaper and This will lead to stem cell technology, which will help produce good quality eggs and sperms with the help of skin-generated stem sales of men and women.
Gray also says that future-wish couples in the future will first fetch genital screening so that their baby may have the least possible chance of breast cancer, Alzheimer’s and other diseases. In addition, parents will be able to choose their child’s hair, eye color, and intellect etc.
American professors say that doing so will not interfere with the power of the works because children in the way will not be super helpless, it is merely a case of genital choice and the characteristics that are in the parent can only come to the child. Will be

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