How did Blue Tooth get his strange name?

Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard, as Telecom Company Ericison made in 1994. It created personal area networks between fax and mobile devices using short-term data using short-lived linth, uff radio view. This technology has a variable of RS-232 data cables.
Intel Engineer Cardiac, who created Communications Communications System from Mobiles Phone Computer, called the Bluetooth name for this technology in 1997. Reading the book The Long Ships of The Longest Books of Francis G. Bennetton. Long Long Shah Harald is a historical story about Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, as King also does what makes Bluetooth technology. According to the book, Herald Bluetooth had added the scattered tribes of Denmark to a castle. Bluetooth technology also combines the communication protocols into a universal stander. The Bluetooth protocol is also created by adding Nordic Roni (alphabets). It is the earliest words of Harald’s name. Bloottoth is a wireless technology standard, as Telecom Company Ericson made in 1994. In this, creating personalized regional networks between Fox and mobile devices, short-lived linth, The data is converted using this technology. This technology was introduced as a wireless alternative to RS-232 data cables.

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